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Welcome to Absolute Budget!

I am a recently married, 30 something year old, optimistic, go-getting, poker loving, investing and crypto-currency newbie, goal setting, sometimes healthy eating, traveling, avid sports watching, wife loving, and God loving man.

My plan is to tell you my story while giving you advice while holding myself accountable for my spending and other lifestyle habits.

My goal is to increase my families net worth every month while becoming a better husband and representative of God.


*This blog is for entertainment purposes only.  I am not an account, financial adviser, or life coach.  Everything I post about is my opinion and I may or may not  have any exposure to a certain brand, product, stock, currency, etc.  I am not a professional in any area discussed within this blog.  Please consult with a professional before investing in anything that I recommend.
This blog may contain affiliate links and other advertisements.  I may also publish material that is written by other, paid parties.