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What is so great about the Discover credit card?

Discover offers rotating 5% bonuses each quarter on up to $1,500 in category purchases each quarter.  No other free credit card offers cash back deals this good.  All you have to do is apply for a Discover credit card and then activate your bonuses!

What are the rotating categories?

October – December 2017
Amazon.com and Target

January – March 2018
Gas Stations and Wholesale Clubs

April – June 2018
Grocery Stores

July – September 2018

October – December 2018
Amazon.com and Wholesale Clubs

But isn’t it hard to redeem my cashback bonuses?

No, it’s not at all!  Discover offers four ways to redeem your bonus.

  1.   Cash
    Discover allows you to deposit any amount to your bank account or use it to pay your Discover bill.
  2. Amazon.com
    You can link your Amazon account to your Discover credit card account and pay with your bonus when you checkout.
  3. Gift Cards
    You can purchase gift cards with your bonus and get at least $5 free added to each card.
  4. Charity
    Use your bonus to make a donation to a charity.

I have accumulated $74 in cashback bonuses using my Discover Credit this year.  That, along with $260 I have in my Acorns account and the $304 in American Express bonuses, totals $638 year to date!  I always pay off 100% of my credit card balances each month.