I love reading about how much other people make and more so, how they do it!  Nothing like seeing debt go down and net worth go up!  Below are several of the finance blogs I read on regular basis.

Wallet Squirrel

Wallet Squirrel was one of the first finance blogs I started reading.  I googled “what to do with a $2,000 emergency fund” and Wallet Squirrel was at the top of Google at that time!  Since then, I’ve signed up through their Blue Host blog post: How To Start a Blog. Wallet Squirrel pulled in a cool $171.10 in October.  You can find a new post on Wallet Squirrel every Monday and Thursday.

Budgets are Sexy

J. Money has new posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  J. Money saw his net worth increase a whopping $12,000 in October.


The Frugalwoods don’t post their income reports or their net worth increases, but I always find myself going back to their blog!  They are very down to earth and I think a lot of people can relate to them and their Frugal Hound.

Making Sense of Cents

In October Michelle made 113,26,708 cents, yes that 113 million cents!  She breaks her income reports down by category, her affiliate income category (mostly from Blue Host) being where she makes the most cents.


DivHut went over the $500 mark in October dividends.  I can see myself getting more into dividend stocks in the future.  Did I mention DivHut also invests in cryptocurrencies?


These are just a few of my favorite bloggers at the moment.  In 2018 I plan on posting side hustling income reports.  I’m very excited for 2018, so please subscribe to Absolute Budget to receive emails when new posts are made.